NLP Child Development

NLP Child Development

NLP child development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the end of adolescence, as the individual progresses from dependency to increasing autonomy. Although it is a continuous process with a predictable sequence it follows a unique course for every child.  As all parents know, this brings both rewards challenges along the way.  And it doesn’t help that babies arrive into the world without an instruction booklet!

“Raising a child is a time of RAPID CHANGE! From the ages of 0 to 19, a PARENT can age over 30 years!” (Comic Mama)

NLP Child Development strategies help you to understand more fully yourself and your children through every stage from toddler to the teen and beyond, and support you to be the best version of yourself you can be as a parent.  NLP Child Development approaches empower you to help your children grow into happy healthy people.  For example, happy parents with happy children are skilled in state management.  They can create useful states in themselves, change the state of their children and create powerful anchors that reassure and build self-esteem and confidence.  NLP Child Development allows parents to teach a child how to become skilled in their own state management easily and simply with love and humour.  As Dr Richard Bandler says “You know what? Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen… The trick is : you have to feel good for no reason…”

In utilising NLP child development you can support your children to formulate their own direction in life.  “Brains aren’t designed to get results; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don’t, then someone else will.”(Dr Richard Bandler)

Here, as we consider the links between NLP Child Development and being a successful parent, we learn how to utilise NLP Child Development to help.  Using NLP Child Development to apply strategies and techniques is both powerful and empowering.  In the following article, Kate Benson, gives you support, focused on 5 common challenges faced by parents, based upon NLP Child Development. All of this is backd by our subjective Bayesian research into NLP.

Learn more about this and how NLP can support you with NLP child development. Either by participating in one of our workshops or, if you want to get a better feel for us first, downloading the free report by Kate Benson and participate in Supporting Kids with NLP: