Supporting kids with NLP

NLP Child

NLP Child

From the baby blues, through the terrible twos and the trying teens, allow NLP to be your guide through the more challenging times so you can enjoy your children for who they are and allow yourself to be the best parent you can be!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches children to use their brain (Neuro) effectively, right from the start, use language to understand and  express themselves, (Linguistic) and NLP gives them the best strategies for their future in life (Programming). When you as a parent, carer or teacher, support your children with NLP you are helping them in the following ways:

  • you learn how to help your children to become superb learners;
  • you learn how to make sure your children have confidence and high self esteem;
  • you learn how to teach your children so they achieve their goals easily;
  • you learn how to make your children sociable and understanding;
  • you learn how to help your kids maintain their mental and physical health throughout their lives

The number one expert  when it comes to supporting children and teenagers with NLP is Kate Benson. Kate is the International Director of Education for the Society of NLP and she has taught thousands of teachers to use NLP to support the learning and development of children. Furthermore she works directly with parents to raise their children with their heads and their hearts.  Finally she coaches children and young people who are having problems. For that reason we are very grateful that Kate has agreed to do two workshops, one in Amsterdam (NL) (sold out in two weeks) and one in London (UK), to teach parents, carers and teachers how to support children and teenagers with NLP.

These are special workshops in the sense that Kate has requested that we create an inventory of specific problems and issues the participants want to tackle. In light of this, it is important to view the term “children” in the broadest sense. Kate works with children of every age group: from the very youngest to adolescents and young adults. Subjects that will be covered in all cases are:

  • how to have harmony at home, morning noon and night time;
  • how to support your child’s learning
  • how to make sure your children do as you ask;
  • how to prevent anger and fear issues;
  • how to be confident in raising children;
  • and whatever question you have!

Support kids with NLP even more

The London workshop is held at February 21st 2015 in the Regent’s University London (10am till 5pm). The tariff for the workshop is £60 ex. VAT. All participants get a free copy of the NLP children’s pictures books “Joost is Happy” and “Joost Being Bullied” worth £20. Signing up is 100% safe as we have a top notch cancellation policy if by any chance you are not able to make it to workshop. So, when you want to participate, sign up today by filling in the form below: